Tumblr and Goodreads

I’ve been spending more time in the library lately, finally getting my research mojo back. In addition to finding many more great resources for my thesis, I keep stumbling upon really fascinating books which are tangentially connected at best. I decided that I would create a tumblr where I can post short snippets such as information about these books. It’ll also be great for random things I find in the museum collections. It’s a compromise between my insane work schedule and the fact I would love to post more… Of course I will also be reblogging plenty of pretty cemetery pictures! My first rule of tumblr? Only reblog photos which name the cemetery!! That’s incredibly important. Also check my tags for geographical info. My tumblr is here, please follow me if you’d like more cemetery ramblings =]

Part of my plan for the next few months is to increase my productivity by being better organised. I am not naturally an organised person… Knowing what books I have read and which I still need to read is something I need to get better at (let’s not even get started on being able to find my notes afterwards…). I’m experimenting by listing all the cemetery/death related books I have read, own or mean to read on Goodreads, to see if this helps me keep track. Once I have the list complete it’ll also be a fun resource for my readers too I hope – so they can see what books I recommend! It’s in the early stages so far, and I’m not sure it’s the best solution, but we’ll see! You can check it out here. Can anyone recommend an alternative? Really I would like to use library cataloguing software, but I doubt I can do that for free…


  • Organisation! What is this thing! 😉

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