Talk for University of the 3rd Age

A while ago I was asked to give a talk to the University of the Third Age Family History Group in Kings Heath about my research, so I prepared a talk with a particular focus on Birmingham cemeteries and also the use of burial records/memorials in family history research.

Unfortunately a few ago, before the talk I got invited to a job interview at the same time, for a wonderful job opportunity and the group graceously allowed me to cancel in favour of attending(more on the job front later). Luckily for me one of the members of the group, Roger Tyrell stepped in and gave the talk for me using my script. There was a bit of an issue with downloading my powerpoint though – so I feel bad that the group didn’t get the full experience (although Roger did have some slides of his own – what a superstar!). Because of this I uploaded the powerpoint, script and suggestions for further sources of information to my SkyDrive in a public folder, so that the group could look at them and download copies for future use.

The links for them are below:

Further Reading List
You are welcome to use any part of these files for educational purposes, but please do not use them for commercial ones!

I’m really sad that I didn’t get to give the talk myself, because I’ve really enjoyed giving talks in the past both at university and for Moseley Society Local History Group, but forever grateful to Roger for stepping in.

I’d love to do more talks about aspects of my research in the future, so if you are part of an organisation looking to book speakers for please drop me an email at to discuss availability and tailoring a talk to your groups interests. I’m not currently charging for talks (although this may change in the future), but will ask for travel expenses if I can’t get to the venue using my bus pass!

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