Not all who wander are lost

This blog has been looking sorely neglected over the last two months, and at times I have felt that I should put up this sign and abandoning all hope:

catacombs sign

Sign which appears at the entrance to the Paris Catacombs. Translates roughly as ‘STOP! HERE IS THE EMPIRE OF THE DEAD’

To say that I have been busy would be a slight understatement… two job applications, exam invigilation, a week of fieldwork, an exhibition opening, writing a 20 page booklet, lecture preparation and a conference… and that’s just off the top of my head. I’ve also been consistently run-down and unwell; who knew that burning the candle at three ends is bad for your health eh? All my good intentions have therefore been foiled and I’ve been left with several of half finished posts and a bunch of scrappy notes. I am unreservedly sorry to you all!

My busy times are not quite over but the end is in sight, so I’m dragging myself back here before any more time slips by! A sign my boss put up at work recently feels somewhat appropriate today:

With thanks to Wayne at Sarehole Mill

With thanks to Wayne at Sarehole Mill and of course Tolkien.

I have been wandering, but so many of my wandering have taught me things I cannot wait to share here! I hope to get the missing posts (and the regular schedule) back to normal by the end of June!

In the meantime to say sorry for my absence, I am doing another giveaway!! There’s another death related book I wish to bestow on one of my lovely readers!

The Pocket Book of Death by Morgan Reilly

The Pocket Book of Death by Morgan Reilly

This is an amusing little read and the cover is tombstone shaped – what’s not to love?!

Same deal as before – comment below if you want to enter and I’ll pick a winner at random on Sunday 7th June. Good luck and I’ll see you all soon!



  • I won’t go in the giveaway, as I won the last one, so I will be fair and give others a chance!

    I know what that is like, run off your feet! Take care of yourself!

    • Thanks Laura! Hope you enjoyed The Victorian Undertaker – I realised after I sent it that you’ve got the copy which has a purple smudge on the back cover from the ‘eyeshadow explosion’ disaster. I hope you don’t mind!!

      Today was my last insanely busy day and I’m now en route to London for fieldwork at Highgate cemetery so I’m very happy =]

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  • Oooh! A Pocket Book of Death! I’m in!

    • Bah! It’s 6/7/15 9:29pm my time but phooey for timestamps.

      • Don’t worry about the time – I’ve extended the giveaway until the 14th June =]

  • Interesting title: Unfortunate Look at the End of the Line – will swap you for ‘Rest in Pieces’ if I’m picked!! #cough #cough

    • Hi Susie! Sorry I forgot to put up the winning announcement on Sunday 14th- I got distracted by another article!! I have a second copy of the book though if you want to do a straight swap though!!

      • I’ve only just noticed the date is way past the 14th!! Let’s swap, I’ll DM you my details!

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