January Events

Happy New Year!

Time to start 2015 with January’s cemetery related events!
Some of the events I posted in December are ongoing, so don’t forget to look at that post too.

Tour Guide Training at Highgate Cemetery

The training will be happening on Saturday morning in February 2015, but applications close on Monday 12th January 2015.
Details and how to apply here.

Funerary Art in the 19th and 20th centuries

A talk organised by the Friends of West Norwood cemetery and given by Veronique Barbesta on Saturday 17th 2015, 2.30pm at Chatsworth Baptist Church.
Details here.

African American Heritage Tour

Guided tour by volunteer Docent Steve Pinkerton of the 17 graves on Mount Auburn’s new interpretive trail. The tour will take place on Sunday 18th January 2015, to mark Martin Luther King’s birthday, leaving from the Story Chapel at 1pm.
Full details here.
This trail is also available as a booklet and mobile app.

Funk, R&B and some Forest Lawn Soul

Also on the 18th January 2015 (2pm – 3.30pm) is an event at Forest Lawn cemetery.
‘The story of composer and song writer Arlester Christian – he wrote the song Funky Broadway – will kick off this soulful salute to the popular sounds of blues, rhythm and blues and funk.’
Event listed here.

Radclyffe Hall: a talk by Diana Souhami

Another event at Highgate cemetery!
An evening talk at 7.30 on 22nd January 2015 about the author Radclyffe Hall (interred in Highgate West). Full details and how to book here.

Walking Tour: Historic Congressional Cemetery

Explore Washington’s famous congressional cemetery on Saturday 24th January 2015 at 10.30am-12pm.

This tour is in conjunction with the Aedificium Memoriarum + Aedes Mortis: Buildings of Memories / Houses of Death exhibition at SIGALGallery which runs from January 7th – February 7th 2015.

Details of the tour can be found here. Cost is $10 and booking is required.

Mosses and Liverworts Walk

Saturday 31st January 2015 at 10.30am at Earlham Cemetery Norwich. This is a joint meeting with the Norfolk and Suffolk Bryological Group. Details here.

I’ve got a whole new appreciation of Mosses since working on the herbariums during my internship, so I wish I could go on this walk – sadly I’ll be on holiday! It’s nice to remember how important cemeteries are for protecting biological diversity though!

PhD project: Material Culture and Spaces of Remembrance. A Study of Cemeteries in
Luxembourg in the Context of the Greater Region

I should be more conflicted about posting this and giving myself more competition, but it’s a fantastic opportunity and I wouldn’t want any of my readers to miss it! I’m going to apply, so wish me luck!

The details are here, applications close on 15th February 2015.

It’s unclear if this PhD has funded attached or not, but funding for PhDs in Luxembourg tends to be generous to reflect the high cost of living and encourage research excellence. Funding applications through the FNR’s AFR PhD Grant Scheme are open until 17th March 2015, more information here.

And Finally –
A personal plea for you all to
Support Birmingham Museums Trust!

I love our museums in Birmingham and I have been incredibly privileged to work at many of the sites over the past 12 months.

We are currently undergoing a restructure as a result of Arts Council (central government) funding cuts and now Birmingham City Council has also announced a further 15% cut in funding. This leaves the museums trust in an incredibly difficult position – facing not just staff cuts, but also reduced opening times and almost certain closure of several of our 9 sites.

If you care about the arts and heritage, and believe that austerity policies are seriously jeopardizing culture for generations to come, then please sign the petition!
We are over half way to the target online
(with many more signatures collected on paper)
but every voice supporting us helps.


Thank you!

As always if I’ve missed an event happening this month, leave it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the post!

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