Internship at the Museum Collections Centre

I have yet another new job! I’m doing a cultural internship through the Univeristy of Birmingham, but don’t worry I’m not really leaving Birmingham Museums Trust because my placement is with the Museum Collections Centre! You can read a bit about my placement and the other interns here.

The internship began with 4 days of training at the university and attending various cultural events across the city, including Garden Speaks as part of the Fierce Festival and the exhibition A Record of Undying. Then it was time to actual get stuck in with my placement.

I’m doing a range of things here at the MCC (see the decription of the role here) but mostly I will be working on documentation and conservation of the herbarium collections. I wrote a blog post for the uni about my first week, which you can read here.

As I mention in those posts, the MCC is a complete treasure trove, and I’m still discovering new things every day, here are a few of my favourite items from the collection so far:

Stone Coffin – 9th century Vienna (based on decoration) but may be 19th century forgery:

stone coffin 1

stone coffin 2

Death’s Head Hawk Moth:

death's head hawk moth

300kV Van de Graff Generator 1934:

van de graff generator

Lynx catching blackbird:


I’m really enjoying the work on the herbarium too, it takes a lot of patience but it’s so satisfying and the warehouse is a very peaceful place to work. In fact it’s time to get back to work on it it now, so wish me luck!


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