Evil Supply Company – Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel Review

I mentioned in my events post for August that I was ordering the ‘Graveyard Secrets’ monthly parcel from Evil Supply Co. and here as promised is my review! I also ordered a few additional items I’ve had my eye on for a while, so I’m including them in the review too.

I placed my order in mid-August, but monthly parcels are not shipped out until the end of the month, so I wasn’t really sure when to expect delivery – especially with international postage and all the vagaries that entails. My package was waiting for me when I got home on the 18th September, so I estimate that shipping took around two weeks from the US to the UK– not bad at all! I also got lucky with this order – no customs charges to fret over (plus awkward trip to sorting office to collect).

Before I even opened the box I was so excited to see my order. I’ve saved the sticker and put it in my new planner! Hopefully it’ll make me smile every day. I guess thanks are in order to the mermaid and kraken divisions for the reliable shipping!


This is what I found when I opened the box. First of all my invoice (address blanked out) which revealed I had some exciting free gifts with my order! In fact, I even had one more than is listed here as you’ll soon see!


With faintly trembling hand I lifted the blue paper away to reveal my goodies – and saw – three intriguing packages! Which to open first?


I decided to begin at the beginning and opened the white drawstring bag which was lying on top. It contained the Mister Ghost badge I had ordered and two additional badges! I think my favourite surprise is the Halloween blogger one, because with a website like this I can consider myself a Halloween appropriate blogger 365 days a year!


Next I opened the brown envelope – which was held closed with another pretty sticker – this one has gone in my planner too! Inside there were the notebooks I’d ordered, plus an extra one with a bomb design – perfect for dastardly plans! I love these notebooks – they are a great size for carrying in my bag or pocket and the designs really brighten up my day. I can’t chose a favourite – it’s a dead tie between the project book (I should order in bulk for my PhD notes) and the bat because I love how intricate the design is. Also all the notebooks have a ‘last will and testament’ form on the back cover which strikes me as good forward planning in my line of work! After all, I’ve probably thought more about my funeral than is usual for a 25 year old…

WP_20150918_006 1

Also in the envelope were more surprises – including a notecard I shall absolutely have to send to one of my theatrical friends and an adorable cereal poster. Maybe the secret to friendly monsters is keeping them well fed…


Finally it was time to open the Monthly parcel itself! All the monthly parcels come in a reusable plastic document wallet – and this one is so beautiful! I will be carrying it everywhere!


The first thing I took out of the folder were these incredible notecards with black and white cemetery photographs on them. I don’t know as much as I should about American headstone style evolution, but based on my limited knowledge I think these stones are quite early – I’d love to know which burial ground(s) the images were taken in, perhaps New England somewhere because of the lamp deaths head designs? Do any of my readers know more? I’m going to find these really hard to part with, even though I know people who’d love to receive them, so I might put them up around my new desk at Uni (when I move in) for a while first!

WP_20150918_013 1

The next thing to tumble out of the folder were these two amazing stickers. Aren’t they beautiful? I love stickers so much, but I always worry about ‘wasting them’ on the wrong thing. There’s going to be some serious soul searching done before they find a forever home! It’s especially hard with a limited edition item like this – where else will I ever find a winged deaths head sticker?!


My monthly parcel also contained two more adorable and useful tiny notebooks! I love them both so much – but the one with the bat at the top is my favourite because the design reminds me of a mausoleum.


Last of all, behind all the other items, there was an A4 art print! The quality of this print is amazing and I think the skeleton has an admirable attitude towards gossip, although if the necromancy could be restricted to cemeteries I’m NOT currently working in I’d be very grateful! Nothing gets in the way of PhD completion like having to avoid recruitment into an undead army…


Overall I was incredibly happy with my order! I can’t recommend the quality or value of the products enough. I won’t be subscribing to the monthly parcel because of the expense of importing items to the UK (although evil supply co. rates are very reasonable- I have to worry about customs charges on any goods from outside the EU potentially doubling the cost) and slow rate at which I’ll get through the mountain of goodies from my order… Does anyone else get anxious when using the first page of a new notebook?
I will be keeping an eye on future themes though and placing another one-off order if any especially strike my fancy!



  • Oh, I love EVERYTHING in that package!!!

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