Desk Accessories ‘to die for’!

This months putting the ‘fun’ in funeral post is brought to you by over-excitement at having a place to work!

Since moving into my new desk at the uni, I’ve been trying to make it as comfortable and inviting as possible – to encourage me to drag myself out of bed (or more often work at the museum) and onto the first of three buses to get there. Technically I can do it with one bus and a 20-30 min walk at either end but I’m often carrying heavy books etc – and even if all the buses turn up when they are supposed to (a rare occurrence) my average travel time is over an hour…

The desk comes with a computer, the desk, a screen/corral around the desk, and a book shelf. I’m trying to add all the ‘mod cons’ to keep my bum on that seat!

So far, I have some stacking paper trays (very useful for organising my notes), a whiteboard, a pin board and small top hat/rubbish bin so I don’t have to walk to the one in the corridor every time I crumple up a page in frustration (it began life as a vessel for cocktails in a local club but I…appropriated it). I also have a pen holder and most importantly a lunchbox of snacks for when I get peckish! I have been taking full advantage of the fact it’s October to create a Halloween theme too! The coaster is from the upcoming Vivid Projects ‘This Mortal Coil’ exhibition.

uni desk 1

uni desk 2

One thing the desk doesn’t come with is a mouse mat, which makes using the computer a tad uncomfortable, especially as I’m used to using a touchpad on my netbook which is very responsive – sticky mouse is very annoying!

I’ve been looking for the perfect mouse mat to fit my theme. Below are the best of the bunch:

Abbey in the Oakwood, 1810 (oil on canvas).. - Mouse Mat Art247 Highest Quality Natural Rubber Mouse Mats - Mouse Mat

Abbey in the Oakwood, 1810 by Caspar David Friedrich. Available here.

Victorian Subjects Death 102 Headstone, Agnes Rickaby, Kirbymoorside Quality Mouse Mat

Agnes Rickaby’s headstone at Kirbymoorside by Victorian Image Collection

Hearse Pattern Mousepad

Hearse Pattern Mouse mat. Available here.

Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise Paris by Kevin Cruff Mouse Mat available here.

Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise Paris by Kevin Cruff Mouse Mat. Available here.

And finally, what might just be the winner for me…

Easily distracted by cemeteries mouse mat. Available here.

Easily distracted by cemeteries mouse mat. Available here.

…because it’s too darn true!

Which do you like best dear readers?


  • Those are some great mouse mats! I like the idea of a top hat rubbish bin!

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