Death and Decay perfume by LUSH

Perfume is something I’ve mentioned before on my blog – I’m still hoping to order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and also Akima Botanicals who mentioned their ‘Cemetery’ fragrance in the comments. Sadly, I’m as poor as ever – especially as something appears to have gone wrong with my tax code – maybe I can splash out next April when I get the rebate! In the meantime I was very excited to learn that LUSH have produced their own funerary perfume, called ‘Death and Decay’ which has a lovely illustration of lilies on the label.

Death and Decay perfume 30ml bottle

Death and Decay perfume 30ml bottle

The website described the scent in a most intriguing way…‘The pure scent of lily mingles with over-ripe tones of indole to give this fragrance a pungent, narcotic headiness. Let it transport you to a serene space where the fullness of beauty and its inevitable decay can be contemplated without fear. The message is one of meditation, acceptance and optimism delivered in a glorious, floral flourish.’ I popped into my local branch to test it out. The perfume comes in both oil and solid formats, but I could only find the stand with the bottles and not the solid perfumes – perhaps I missed them because the shop was rather busy that morning. I placed three drops of death and decay onto my left wrist – perhaps a large dose, produced by my inexpert handling of the pipette. At first the scent was entirely overwhelmed by an alcoholic aroma – presumably the carrying agent. This faded within a few minutes to reveal a subtle perfume, which did indeed have hints of lily and something sweet and musky (I believe perfume reviewing is a bit like wine tasting – and my nose is as unrefined as my pallet). I quite enjoyed the delicate aroma, but I can’t say it immediately conjures images of funerals or gravesides for me. Sadly I couldn’t test the longevity of the perfume because my job at Sarehole Mill of ‘tickets, teas and tours’, is mostly making tea/serving cake and means I’m always washing my hands! I’m going to inquire about the solid perfume on my next visit, because the format might prove more practical for travel and reapplication, and also be kinder on my pocket than buying the bottle…

Death and Decay solid perfume 12g

Death and Decay solid perfume 12g

Has anyone else tested out this perfume or others with suitably morbid themes? Which would you recommend?


  • I haven’t tried this perfume but I just loved your phrasing, “I placed three drops of death and decay on my left wrist”… That needs to be in a novel!

  • I would be more than happy to send you a complimentary bottle of my Cemetery perfume oil for you to try and review, if you wish. Contact me at anytime.


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