Conference Season

One of the most fun things about being a post-grad is getting to attend conferences, and although there are conferences throughout the year – like the one I attended in Edinburgh, many of them seem to be at the end of the Summer Term. I’ve been attending conferences for a couple of years now, but this year is a big milestone for me – time to give my first papers!

Luckily for me, as part of my PhD requirements I have to give a paper at my department conference, which is a great supportive environment for a nervous new presenter! The CAHA Colloquium was a really interesting day – with a great variety of papers, showing the bredth of research within our department. The Rosetta journal team were live tweeting throughout the day – unfortunately their photo of me shows the technical difficulties I was having! Two of the photos in my presentation disappeared!

caha colloquium(source: CAHA Colloquium Twitter feed, available here)

The extended abstracts from the colloquium will be published in Rosetta’s conference issue. Watch this space for mine – hopefully it’ll get the ok from the editors soon!

My second conference for the year was one which I have attended twice before – and having on both occasions promised to give a paper in the future, I finally had to bite the bullet and do it! The Cemetery Research Group Colloquium is held in York at Kings Manor every year in May and is a fanastic chance for everyone in the field to get together and share our passion for this niche of research! I have always found them to be a wonderful and supportive group of people, and the suggestions offered after my paper for research avenues to explore were invaluble. I’m lucky to have fallen on my feet by having such a great bunch of inspiring people in my field. If you are interested in cemetery research at all, I really recommend attending in the future. The Cemetery Research Group website has just had an update – so please take a look! You can read the abstract of my paper and all the others given since 2005 on the site and there are some great resources too!

I’m already looking forward to attending more conferences next year – hopefully I can find time to do enough research to have something new to present!!

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