Another New Job?!

‘Another job?’ I hear you cry, ‘but you’re already working 7 days a week!’. Fear not dear readers, I won’t work myself to death! I’ve had a completely wonderful few months working at Aston Hall and Sarehole Mill, but the end of the season is looming ever closer and so when the opportunity of a more permanent contract became available I had to jump at the chance. Also the strain of working non-stop is starting to show a little – I’m behind with my thesis and have done no fieldwork at all this summer. However, I’ve just been offered a VSA role at Thinktank, the Birmingham Science Museum! It’s a similar role to my current one, just at a very different museum. I have been offered a 2 day a week position, so I will be continuing to work some days at the heritage sites too, until the end of the season. My week’s now look like this:

Moseley Society Local History Group: Monday
Sarehole Mill: Tuesday and Wednesday
Thinktank: Thursday and Saturday
Aston Hall: Fridays (until the end of the summer holidays)

This means I will now have Sundays off, and 2 whole days off a week from September! Hopefully my productivity will improve and I can catch up on household chores more often (washing basket, I’m looking at you).

I’m really looking forward to getting hands on with the exhibits and inspiring visitors to the museum with the fun of science. It’ll nice to use my BSc and A level knowledge too! If you visit Thinktank this summer, keep an eye out for me. I’ll be wearing yellow, along with all of the other VSAs!

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